Screen-Free Activities for Best Early Learning of Your Child 👶

Your Child is a Genius. Boost their creativity with our all-in-one learning solution.

Special Combo Packs for Your Little One

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In this very early age, why not to Keep your child away from screens? 📱

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. You want them to grow up healthy and happy, with the early development of a bright mind. But in today’s world, it can be hard to keep your child away from screens – mobile phones, computers, TV and the list goes on.

Too much screen time can lead to following problems:

Become a Super Parent and Engage Your Child With Creative Learning 👶

Gift Your Child The New Way Of Early Learning

Reusable playbooks on 9 different concepts for creative learning

Laminated Reusable worksheets, along with logical, art and crafts.

Set of 100 Flashcards to increase visual recognition and identification

Decades of research shows that

80% of a child’s brain development happens in their first 5 years of age.

And they need to learn following skills in order to enhance and grow the creative part of their brain.

Logical Thinking

Problem Solving

Visual Memory

Cognitive Skills

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Very good

Quality is very good. Must buy product. Children will love this.

Very good product

The product is very nice.Thank u

These activity books are really engaging for our kids, must buy for toddlers

Sturdy flash cards with clear pictures!

This is a wonderful package. I am based in US and I haven’t found such wonderful activity book here for my kid. So ordered the entire activity book package from India. It is slightly on the expensive side considering the delivery charges etc. but it’s definitely worth it. My kid learns through activities and it’s hard to get him to focus on regular books and this activity helped me get many of his early learning concepts solidified.

Lovely books....just amazing.and so easy to use by kids.

Worksheets which r reusable r amazing! Thank u poppy kit.... So happy

The kit is delivered in 1 day. There are lots of worksheets and practice sheets for learning. Really helpful for kids. Must buy.

Recommended for all parents for the early learning of their kids

Thank you poppykit. My child is happy with this. Much appreciated

Very well designed. It's easy and fun or the child to understand the concepts.

I recently tried out the Poppykit playbook with my preschooler and was really impressed with the quality and variety of activities included. The playbook is designed for children aged 3-5 and contains a range of educational and developmental activities that are both fun and engaging.Overall, I would highly recommend the Poppykit playbook to any parent or caregiver looking for a fun and educational way to engage their preschooler. The variety of activities, high-quality materials, and developmentally appropriate design make it a great choice for parents looking to support their child's learning and development.

This kit is a great tool to help your toddler understand and learn different shapes and colors. It's great way to engage your child in learning experience. Thank you Poppykit for this lovely curated learning books. My child just finished the complete book in a single sitting.

Good playbook for 2 - 4 years old

Cover a lot of concepts. Very innovative and helpful for child

I’m using Poppy Kit for my child and it is a perfect solution to home teach my child. The content of Poppy kit is rich and has actually helped me keep away my child from the mobile phone & TV. My baby enjoys doing those activities and is learning while having fun. A must buy product !

My son is 4years old and he got very excited after seeing the activity worksheets. He enjoyed doing them. Poppykit learning is a creative kit that will help ur child to learn in a playful way. Highly recommend👍🏻

Poppykit products are amazing. My child love their activity playbooks, worksheets and flashcards. The customer service is also good. They are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Highly recommended for kids!

My son really enjoy using the activity playbooks and worksheets. They are really great for keeping the child entertained and engaged with fun. The best part is these activities are reusable, so the child can use them as many times as they want.

I bought the combo of activity playbooks and complete learning kit and my 3 year old son totally loved them. Amazing learning kit for toddlers or preschool kids. Go for it guys if you are looking for some learning activities for your child. Really useful and nice concept for early learning.

Gift Your Child Screen-free Activities for Creative Early Learning

Boost your child's imagination and skills with our all-in-one learning solution.

Poppykit Learning

Poppykit Learning

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